Smudging mixes

I create my own smudging or incense mixes from herbs, flowers and incense. They are mostly created for a particular occasion, either on a client's particular demand or for a particular celebration in the wheels-of-the-year. Some of them are mixes "for every day use" or to pamper yourself. 

I use herbs from my own garden and from a herbal shop I trust. The resins used also come from this special shop. 

To smudge the mix, it is best to use a coal tablet in fireproof bowl filled with sand. If you do not like the smell of coal, you can also use a smudge burner with a little sieve on top. 


I personally use both possibilities, depending on my mood and use.


And now, have fun browsing through these pages!



Some ingredients for smudging: 

Myrrh and frankincense


Two smudging mix examples:

The Ancestral Mix, to honor our beloved departed.

The Samhain Mix, an ideal mix to celebrate the Wiccan or Celtic New Year.




This mix helps you celebrate the fall equinox called Mabon.



Do you need protection or you want to lovingly set your boundaries more firmly, so you can stay better centered? If so, this Protection Mix will support you in your endeavor. 


Rauhnacht Mix (various mixes available)

The days between 21st December and 6th January, the European tradition celebrated the so-called Rauhnächte, the most dark and unfriendly nights beforte the winter solstice would bring the promise of the light reborn. This time is ideal to look back on the past, be thankful for the present and dare a first prediction of the year ahead.


 Pitch Ointment

The perfect ointment if you suffer from a badly healing wound. Can also be used as blistering ointment and in case of small injuries or lesions. Massaged onto the chest, it helps soothe a cough.

Contains various kinds of pine resins.



Wound ointment

This ointment is used for purulent, poorly healing skin wounds, abrasions and very dry skin.

With ground ivy.

Heavy Legs Ointment to strengthen leg veins and relieve in case of hemorrhoids. Contains horse chestnuts.


Miracle Ointment, makes bruises disappear, relieves hematoma, helps in case of rheumatism. 
Contains daisies.


Marigold Ointment, helps heal small injuries of the skin. Can be used as daily skin care.



My personal contribution in reducing plastic in food industry: oil cloth made with bee wax.