Coach For Parents and Life Coach Monika Korba


In my coachings, I serve those who are willing to being served from a space of authenticity, integrity and pure love - for the highest good of all .


Welcome to my page!


I am so happy you have found your way to me, beautiful soul!


If you want to embark on a journey to more happiness, well-being, less quarrels and fights with your family, you have come to the right place.


I, too, have experienced various crises in my life. Some years ago, I was so overwhelmed by my family situation that my body forced me to take a break and I became ill. I was feeling all alone, was screaming at my children for no reason, felt a victim of circumstances, with all the responsibility for two small children on my shoulders, even though I was married. To tell you the truth, I was very close to divorce. 


But my soul, through the illness of my body, forced me to think about how I wanted to live my life, both personally and professionally. So I began to look for other solutions to the question: "What is the meaning of life and how can I live a happy life?"


Today, I live a happy life. This does not mean that there are no challenges, quite the contrary! I was confronted with depression in my family, there were deaths, and dealing with the COVID 19 pandemic was not always easy. But life is like the sea, there will always be waves - the art of life is learning to ride those waves. And to sail through life's ups and downs with optimism, serenity and calm - that's what I can do today! 


If you also feel that everything like you have a mountain of tasks in front of you and you have no idea how you can manage them all on time, if you want to stop yelling at your children and want to learn to talk to them in a loving way, if you want to set clear boundaries and have rules that are respected and not ignored by your family or even in in your job, then I invite you book a free call with me. This is a 60 minutes where you will learn about my method and we will find out together if we match and I am the right choice for you as a coach.


The only thing I ask of you is that you are open, motivated and willing to get involved, as I only work with people who truely want to find a solution.


My coaching sessions take place via the Internet (Whatsapp, Facetime, Zoom, Skype). This way, you can stay safely and comfortably at home, while having the benefit of a complete coaching program.


Here's the link to book your call with me:


If you are interested and/or in case of need, I also offer distance energy healing. In an energy healing, I can give you impulses and feedbacks to find out what is hidden behind your recurring back pain, shoulder issues or - from my own experience - your chronic illness.


So, go on, check out my offers and book your free call.


Sending you so much love. 

Monika Korba


Coach For Parents and Life Coach


(Certified Whole Healing Practitioner and Certified Love and Authenticity Practitioner by Mandy Morris)



About me

My name is Monika Korba. I am married and mother of a teenage son and daughter. 


My first passion before I became a life coach was my first profession, conference interpreting. To react quickly to linguistic problems and to render them in another language simultaneously, i.e. at the same time, is something I still love to this day. I love meeting new people and constantly learning new things. This profession allowed me to follow the call of my soul - to mediate and create harmony between people. 


In November 2008, however, my world collapsed after I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I was absolutely desperate and did not know what to do. But very quickly, I decided for myself that the disease would not determine my life and I would not let it define me. This set me on the path of personal development. Because I realized that I alone am responsible for how I want my life to be.


Today, I see the illness of that time as a blessing, because thanks to it I have the profound, heartfelt need to accompany other people on their path to find a solution for their particular situation, whether they are having issues with their children, their spouse, their boss - or simply want to have more fun spending time with their family, going to the movies or reading a good book.

I always work for each individual and for his or her highest good.   


Sending you so much love.


Monika Korba


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