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What my clients have to say

Monika was a bundle of light. She was thorough and professional in terms of what I can expects and how I can maximize our interaction and the process. She did it with such love, openness, clarify and held the space as I expressed and navigated my situation and what I needed from the session. I loved the process, her listening and how she intervened at the right times. I felt she was grounded, connected and truly intuitive in her approach. She led me through a meditative practice, which I felt she intuitively tailored just for me, and my situation. She went beyond my words and I felt so safe, not judged and totally free to energetically go through my process. She touched upon the crux of my challenges and dug out the root. She understood in me and was able to draw out what many who know me sometimes do not recognize or realize! The meditation was blissful, it helped me face and process something I really needed. I felt courage 2 days after the session to the extent that yesterday I faced 2 of my fears: lightly standing up to my brother and also carrying a snake at a zoo! I went beyond my fear and repulsion of holding a snake and shifted my mindset to feeling empowered to doing what I wanted and feeling safe about it. I wouldn’t have imagined this would be the result of the session! It was beautiful and more empowering! I am sure more shifts are coming. Just today I was rejected for a job. Although I am eager to find one, I was also relieved because I did not want to take it and be in that toxic environment. I didn’t feel unloved or not good enough as was my pattern. I felt it, pushed through it and feel like I’m willing to trust the scary process of what can be and what other beautiful opportunities can come to me! That shift in my energy and thinking process is truly new and freakin’ empowering in a heartful, holistic way! Thank you Monika.” 
Maia Barghout, Dubai, November 2020
“I saw a “free coaching session” on Authentic living and went for it as I needed some clarity in my life: 
I was paired up with Monika and I found myself at home immediately- her great energy and presence made me feel already at home.
My session was more than I expected. So much came through for me and helped me move forward with next steps. My heart which was partially closed was opened and I felt so much better.
loved Monika’s direct approach and direct communication when I was trying to get out of taking action and she was very direct. I also enjoyed the meditation which was one powerful healing session.
Since then I have done so much in 2 days. My intentions have become much clearer and I am becoming more and more confident everyday. Thank you so much. I would definitely recommend Monika. She is amazing.”
Mosidi Sereti, Johannesburg, November 2020

«You have a good sense where things go off. You offer comfort safe space compassion love and new perspectives.
I feel when you combine your energy work with coaching you can even transform faster. I really noticed something transforming in me by your energy. I cannot quite put words to it.»

Marta Langereis, Netherlands, November 2020



«Monikas Coaching ist durch Feingefühl, Liebe und Authentizität geprägt. Durch ihre Fragen wurden meine Gedanken und mein Herz angeregt und ich konnte mein Kernthema erkennen. Durch die Aufgabe am Schluss konnte ich an meinem Thema weiterarbeiten und es passierte in mir Heilung, welche auch äusserlich sichtbar ist. Wer bereit ist an seinen Themen zu arbeiten und für Neues offen ist, ist bei Monika in den besten Händen.»

Sabrina Konrad, Schweiz, Juli 2020


«Das Selflove Coaching bei Monika war sososo wundervoll. Sie ist liebevoll, authentisch und stellt die richtigen Fragen um an den Kern zu kommen. Ich bin zutiefst dankbar und empfehle Monika von Herzen weiter wenn du bereit bist hinzuschauen, einzutauchen und deine Verantwortung zu dir zurückholen willst.»

Nadine Pfister, Schweiz, Mai 2020



«Ich durfte bei Monika eine wunderbare heilende Zeit verbringen. Monika hat ein gutes Einfühlungsvermögen, eine reine liebe Seele und ist eine Bereicherung. Danke dass ich dich kennen lerne durfte.»

Petra Senn, Schweiz, September 2019