Shamanic Handfasting Ceremonies

I am offering shamanic or spiritual ceremonies such as: 

Handfasting (shamanic or wiccan wedding), designed completely according to your hearts' desires.

- Welcoming Ceremony for Babies (instead of a traditional baptism)


Each ceremony is created in close cooperation with you, the bridal couple or parents. We discuss the way, you want your ceremony to take place, the time, location and other details. No matter, whether you prefer a Wiccan wedding or you are simply looking for a non-religious way to celebrate your union, I am open and willing to help you with almost anything.

Wheels-of-the-Year Rituals

Pictures of some of our wheels-of-the-year celebrations are displayed under "Impressions"! Have fund discovering more!






Falls Du Interesse an einer von mir geführten Meditation, einer schamanischen Traumreise oder ähnlichem hast, melde Dich unter: oder

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