Monika Korba


"I serve anyone who is willing to be served; authentically, with integrity and always from the space of pure love." 


This is my credo and my firm statement. I accompany and support people who want to know themselves better and regain their own power. For me, power is synonymous with personal responsibility. 


Since my childhood I have always tried to bring people closer together and create harmony. Today I not only build linguistic bridges between people, but also bridges between myself and to the spiritual world. The longing for healing in all aspects is something I know all too well, because in 2008, I was diagnosed with a chronic disease (chronic = incurable according to conventional medicine). Almost twelve years ago, this diagnosis catapulted me on to my present path. From my own experience, I know what it is like to be at the very bottom and to have the feeling that you cannot get out of the situation on your own.


Let me extend my hand to you. I am here to help you shine your own inner light again. Together, we will change your deep-rooted patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you - always for your highest good! In order for you to lead a happy, fulfilled life again - every day one percent more.


Because we are on this world - to illuminate it with our light! 


With love and light,

aia nulu Monika

Sandra da Silva


I love people. This is something I often say and indeed: I love to work with people, to experience them, to listen to their many stories; but most of all I love to bring them into their power. When I can bring out the best in them. Yes, then I can say, then I feel the essence of my being. This is clearly the task that the spiritual world has planned for me. 


As a small child, I was very much connected with the spiritual world. I was so much connected that when I was two years old, I stood on the balcony, stretched out my arms towards the sky and begged loudly that I could please come home again, that I did not belong here and that I just did not want to stay here. Until this day, my mother has a bad feeling about extraterrestrials and everything that could come from the sky. She was clearly afraid that I would have to die. Today, I am a mother myself and can understand this fear very well. 


Later in my childhood, I remember well that I had an imaginary friend, a goblin, who accompanied me everywhere and that I felt more connected to than to many people. Do not misunderstand me, my childhood was great; I had and still have a very good relationship with my parents. Above all, my mother was always there for me, really in every situation and every minute of my life. 


As a young adult, I often felt very lonely and this mostly when I had many people around me. In the midst of celebrating, dancing, laughing people I often sat there and had to hold back the tears, because I felt so lonely. Today I know that I didn't feel like I belonged, because I felt that there was more to it than partying, dancing and drinking (although, of course, I did this excessively at times, grin). But people my age just weren't like me and this left me with a feeling of loneliness. In addition, I was/am very sensitive and can feel the different emotions of the people around me very clearly. The difference to earlier is that, today, I can control it, I think I found the ON/OFF switch. In the past, all the emotions that were in a room came down on me. 


When I met my husband, something immediately changed fundamentally. I had found my soul partner! Thanks to him, I came in touch for the first time with energy work, with Reiki. I was absolutely fascinated and knew immediately with every fibre of my body that I knew this and that I had simply lost sight of it for a while. My husband had illuminated the way back for me, as he had been walking this path for a few years already at the time.  


Since then, 14 years have passed and I have done various trainings in the field of energy work. But what really brought me into my own power was the hypnosis training with Friedbert Becker and the meeting with Bahar Yilmaz and Jeffrey Kastenmüller. In their seminars, I felt almost physically how much I really have to give and how powerful this knowledge and this work can be. Since that moment I can't be stopped anymore. 


Today, I have opened my own center. I call it a center because I want to create a central place where people meet. Of course, I also take care of the people there who need me personally, but I also want it to be a meeting point. So many people have so much to give and do not know how or what exactly. This is exactly where I see my role as a mediator. A mediator between people and between worlds. 


Come by and get to know me, I look forward to meeting you! 

My mission? The people - their being - their awakening!




Vitor da Silva: 


"In peace lies strength", a sentence that my father always told me when I was a teenager. Today, I am grateful to my father from the bottom of my heart for this saying and when I look back on my life, these very words have formed me into the person I am now.


I had the good fortune of being born in Portugal and to experience my first steps in life there until the age of 7. At the age of seven a new chapter began for me in Switzerland.

I had a beautiful childhood, grew up well protected, under the catholic influence of my mother, who was very religious. My youth was not that of a typical teenager. I had no great interest in partying and going out. I left my parents' house at the age of 20 to go my own way.

 Only one year later, a good friend of mine suddenly stood in front of my door and said: 'Come on, get dressed and come with me! I can still remember all this as if it was yesterday, even though there are 20 years in between. On this day, something in my life was to change fundamentally; my friend took me to a Reiki seminar. Step by step, I began to feel this energy. My whole attention was suddenly no longer directed outwards, but inwards. I suddenly had to deal with my own emotions and stored processes. Qualities that I no longer wanted to be controlled by, such as jealousy, I could suddenly accept, accept and dissolve. I gradually separated from my ego-afflicted thoughts and understood that we humans have a mind that consists of the interaction of consciousness and subconsciousness - that our reality arises from this mental interaction. My life was not the same after that. Today, you would probably say: I have awakened!

At that time, this was the greatest thing that could happen to me. I was so grateful for this gift and, of course, I wanted to carry it out into the world immediately. All my fellow men were to experience the same as me. But I had to realize very quickly that my 'helper syndrome' was not welcome in our society. Imagine a 20-year-old suddenly coming along and talking about energy and spirit. It went so far that the people around me thought that there was a sect involved. It was then that I began to understand my father's saying. I withdrew, channeled the energy only for myself and my life and started to enjoy the loneliness. After that, the thoughts became less and less and the energy felt more and more intense. So it went on and on for myself with Reiki - today, I can proudly and gratefully call myself a Reiki Master. 


Then, I met my wife, I am one of the lucky ones, by the way, who was allowed to experience love at first sight - yes, it really exists! From that moment on, I knew what I had been waiting for, namely my second half, my completion.

And now, we both have brought this wonderful project into being, a project that comes from the heart. In this way, I want to give back to people and Mother Earth something of what I was allowed to experience.



I look forward to illuminating the path for people so that they can become the best version of themselves.  


Come by and get to know me, I am looking forward to meeting you!

My mission? Slower - more conscious - more human!